Weekend Fun: [Independence Day 2016]

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We had a WONDERFUL long weekend at my parents', doing small town stuff, taking it slow, and running wild; and of course sneaking fresh peas out of my mom's garden.
Here are a lot of little bits that I want to remember from the weekend.
The rainy start to the weekend was calming and refreshing. Plus, the humidity had Homegirl's hair curling up in the back a little bit more than normal so that was adorable.
Tyson was so excited and SO PROUD to shoot along with his Dad and Grandpa.
We had failed attempts at taking pictures, but success in letting it go and just playing on the swing set instead..
 I love this picture because it includes my grandpa's old truck, and the swing set my dad grew up on.
Sparklers and (20+ year old) fireworks my mom found in the garage made for a fun vintage show at dusk. It was perfect and so entertaining to watch the kids watch the sparks fly. Even after burning his arm with the very first sparkler, Tyson loved whipping them around and holding them as a family.
Tys & Homegirl had their first parade experience and besides it being hotter than Hades, it was a hit!! I just love the small town vibe and sharing that with my kids.
We drank from the hose and had water fights. We laughed til we cried and had sore cheeks.
One more attempt at taking pictures. Homegirl hated when the bench would swing, but Tyson loved making the bench swing. (Eye rollllllll.)
Whew, what a weekend!! We also had a little 'ninja turtle' early-birthday party since we won't be able to be with my family on Tyson's birthday. It was simple, low key, and just right. Maybe I'll share some of that someday soon too; you all would be SO impressed with the turtle cake I whipped up at nap time. ;)
We came home late Monday night, with a car full of dirty laundry and snoozing little kids, the Mr. and I watched fireworks all over the horizon as we drove into town, exhausted and not ready to head back to reality.
Family and our freedom are such blessings and something we don't take for granted. 
We are thankful for all those who have and continue to fight for our freedom. 
Happy Independence Day!!


  1. What beautiful photos and precious memories! LOVE!

  2. How big does Tyson look in that baby swing haha. Love the pictures. Amen to family and freedom!

  3. It looks like a lovely weekend! Miss you, my friend!

  4. Oh this sounds like the best weekend! I love the little small town vibe. I didn't grown up in a small town, but I love when others share about it because it makes me want to experience it too.
    I love that photo of Tyson shooting the gun and Dan and Grandpa helping to hold it. THAT right there is a great memory!

  5. Small town parades are the best! It just feels like how the holiday should be celebrated. Looks like you all had a wonderful 4th!