A Puppy Party: [Homegirl Turns Two]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This past weekend we had the most perfect, simple, little puppy party for Homegirl. The gift we ordered for her didn't make it in time and I almost forgot to make a cake, but it all worked out just fine and we had a great time with family.
Since Homegirl loves to pretend she's a puppy, we decided that was a cute and fun theme for this year's celebrations. We, of course, started the day with a traditional donut birthday breakfast!!

Those sweet eyes, that button nose, the whispy hair, and her plump cheeks have me smitten as can be and constantly mesmerized; she's rough and tough but so adorable and sweet!!
The super-soft and loveable puppies from Ikea were a MUST, then we got a few other puppy-themed supplies from the Dollar Store. 
Did I mention, simple..?!

I made puppy chow, filled another dog bowl with Reese's Puffs cereal (to look like dog food), and had Scooby Doo graham cracker bones to snack on (but then kinda failed to take pictures of everything, oops).
Cousins and their puppies!!
Good heavens, I love this girl!!
The day was easy and full of sweet moments and memories..

A sweet little face covered (from cheek to cheek, and nose to chin) in chocolate frosting, because she ate her donut from the top down..
The spontaneous 'happy birthday, Harper!' from Tyson throughout the day (and how he asked if 'her name was still Harper' and if she could 'talk now?', you know cause she's two..?!
The sweetest, 'wwwwoooooooooww!' each time she'd open a gift.. 
The way she laid out and cozied up with her new pillows from Grandma..
Her first princess stuff - jewelry..!! Helpful big brother checking out said jewelry and putting it all on for her.. 
The way she kept shaking her head to feel her new clip-on earrings shake..
They way she blew out her candles with ALL her might..
How she'd crouch down and check out the little faces and floppy ears on her new puppy boots..
Her tiny little voice saying, 'gank-goo' (thank you), when someone would tell her 'happy birthday!'..

I still can't believe our little girl is already TWO!!
Happy Birthday, Harper Ann - we love you so much!!

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  1. Cutest part ever!!!! I love the puppy theme and you found such great things to use for decoration. H looks like a happy girl and my goodness those sweet cheeks. Glad you guys had such a great time.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! And that is the cutest party theme!!

  3. The puppy party theme is adorable and I love the little touches you made! The dog bowls? So cute! I hope she had the best birthday ever. Harper sure is precious!!

  4. Oh what a perfect little party. I love the simplicity! It sounds like it was everything Harper would have wanted.

  5. two is so cute, and I love the puppy theme. Aria actually picked her own for her next, and I'm glad it is super simple. And I like that she is two now so maybe her name is new =) that's cute.

  6. Tyson putting the bracelet on Harper... all the heart eyes!!! The best big brother!
    Also, any day that starts off with donuts is a good day in my book. Sounds like she had the best birthday!