Five on Friday

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hopping into my corner of the Internet with a few random things..

I fouuuuuund you these new booties.. (to the tune of Bubba Sparxx, Ying Yang Twins, and Mr. ColliPark's song of course), because who can say 'booties' without singing that song..?!?! Not me, obviously.
These are my new favorite shoes and you can expect to see me wearing these every other day this fall.. Affordable, comfortable, versatile. Don't forget to click through eBates.

Family pictures are coming up and I'm trying to finalize what we'll wear. Recently, Britt posted some great, yet simple tips for 'What to Wear'. I find inspiration from Pinterest of course, photographer's blogs, and checking in with stylish friends for tips and advice. Also, plan ahead - I'm already bummed this sweater (in olive) is on backorder and won't be able to make it here in time (BUT, I found this instead for a great compromise).. Hoping I can finalize it all and have it tie together beautifully. I'm IN LOVE with the top I got for Harps..

In July, we were in Florida for birthday celebrations and got to spend an afternoon at the beach. It was Harper's first time and I still can't get over these pictures, and her cautious, yet peaceful reaction. Also, how much she's already grown/changed since these..!! I can't believe she'll be TWO in a week and a half..

Dan told me about this app call Prisma, and I can't stop.. It adds fun, artistic effects to pictures and we're having fun with it!!
Original // with Prisma filter

We had an AMAZING (momma and daddy only) long weekend getaway in Portland and I want to document our special trip. The food was delicious, scenery breathtaking, and of course my travel buddy was the best. Recap, coming soon!!

Happy Friday, friends!!


  1. Love those booties! They look super similar to a pair I just ordered. And I cannot wait to hear all about Portland!

  2. Those booties are to die for!!!! And, I love your sweater and that sweet top. Cannot wait to see these pics!

  3. Those booties are awesome!! I want a gray pair so badly. :) Harper is so grown up since those beach photos. :( Stop it!!!

  4. Those booties are adorable! And yes, makes me want to sing that song as well. Ha. That Prisma app is fun! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Portland.

  5. Those booties make me want some! I'm hesitant to buy some because I'm so tall and Seth is not short, but not tall either, and anything that makes me taller, I usually steer clear of but those don't look too tall so I may have to sneak a peek!
    PLEASE post about your trip to Portland! Your pictures on Instagram made it look like you had a GREAT time!