A long weekend in Portland: [Part 1]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Mr. and I had been talking about taking a trip, just the two of us, for the longest time. We finally booked a long weekend to Portland in early September.
Each view was the most beautiful and every meal was my favorite, it was a much needed (and appreciated) getaway!!
We decided to do a long weekend trip, getting into Portland late-afternoon Thursday and leaving in the afternoon Sunday. This ended up being the perfect amount of time!! We had talked about what we wanted to see/do, plus I did all sorts of searching online, consulting with blog friends, and looking up every recommended place around - I was armed with a list and we were ready to go!!
Our hotel was a splurge but was totally worth it for the prime location - we stayed at the Sentinel, right downtown Portland. The staff was friendly and very helpful, great amenities, and the decor was absolutely perfect (I was in love with every green detail). It was centrally located in a part of downtown that was well-kept.
We got in with time to get settled then headed out for a bite to eat, we got to Deschuttes Brewery Public House just in time to get a great table and the beginning of the Broncos game. Their food/menu ended up being one of the best for what we saw at other breweries and we enjoyed our time in the hoppin' joint.
Friday we had plans to drive out to the coast so we were up and at 'em early. We went to Mothers Bistro for breakfast, it was a cute setting with chandeliers to die for. The wild salmon hash and crunchy french toast were highly recommend and DEFINITELY lived up to the hype, such great flavor!! 
We were only a few blocks away from the river, so we walked over to check out the view. The air was crisp and felt wonderful, as we mosied through the morning hustle and bustle.
On our way back to the hotel, we grabbed some Blue Star donuts and Stumptown coffee for our trip out to the coast. Yum and yum!! Another definite must if you're ever in town.
We were about 30 minutes outside of town (on the 90 minute drive) when a dash light came on and we soon found a nail in our tire.. Thankfully we were able to find a relatively close place to switch rental cars and be on our way again. It was a blessing in disguise, as we arrived in Cannon Beach after the lunch rush, pulled up to the Wayfarer Restaurant, requested the best seat in the house, and were greeted with the. most. amazing. view. of Haystack Rock - one I had been wanting to see for years..!! It was simply breathtaking and had me a little emotional as we were finally there, a place I had wanted to go to for the longest time and now we were sitting, enjoying a lovely lunch together, with the most spectacular view..!! Bucket list item, checked off the list!!
It happened to be high tide, which was fine, the water as rough (and cold!). The beach was gorgeous, the wind was strong. We walked around, took a few pictures (even in the most direct sun, harsh conditions), and just enjoyed being there. It was hard to leave, I kept turning around to take in the view, one last time.
It was such a gorgeous place!!
We also swung by Pelican Brewery's local pub in Cannon Beach for a cold one, then headed back to Portland. Cannon Beach was a cute, quaint little beach town, it would be a perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend!!
That night we hit up Oven and Shaker for pizza, drinks, and people watching. We went with the spicy salami pizza - it had just the right amount of spice mixed with a honey drizzle that actually, totally worked!! I'm already a sucker for pizza, but this one was DELISH!!
We stopped by Fat Head's Brewery on the way back for a few samples (and more people watching). Although not native to OR, it was worth the stop if you've never tried their stuff.
Although Haystack Rock is hard to top, some of the most beautiful (and yes, delicious) things, still to come - to be continued..


  1. That looks like the best trip with your hubby! I'm so glad you guys could sneak away for a long weekend and just enjoy. :)

  2. Im so happy you had a great trip!! I always see pictures of haystack rock but never knew 1) its nane and 2) its location lol. Thanks for the geograghy lesson ;)

  3. Isn't Deschuttes awesome?! Portland is seriously the best place to eat & drink your way through. Sounds like such a fun getaway together!

  4. What a fun trip! I've always wanted to explore the Pacific NW!

  5. Ok, so I've been DYING to read this for FOREVER and am somehow just now getting around to. I seriously want to do EVERYTHING you listed in this post. Can you please plan my next vacation? Oh wait, I think you just did! I need to plan a weekend getaway to Portland for Seth and I!
    Oh and I think it's official. I need to plan a trip to Colorado because you would be the BEST tour guide!

  6. Love that you got away just the two of you! And you said salami, I read salmon...I was like salmon and honey pizza??? Anything at your own pace sounds amaazing =)