Oh baby!! [A Shower & Maternity Pictures]

Monday, February 15, 2016

One of my best friends from college is expecting her first baby, a little girl. 
(We were teammates and our husbands were teammates/roommates in college so we're all good friends, and let's just say there are enough memories and stories to go around..!!)
I've tried to play it cool, but having experienced and knowing the joy of your own child, my excitement may be borderline obnoxious. All out of love and good intentions, though, I promise..!! Although, I don't forget and hope I've been able to relate to that uncertainty, excitement, anxiousness, happiness, and nervousness - every range of emotion - that comes with awaiting the arrival of your first bundle of joy.
Fruit Chantilly cake from Whole Foods (OMG, SO GOOD!!) // Wrapping paper

The other weekend, I hosted a little shower for her at one of her favorite restaurants. It worked out just right, brought all four of her sisters to town (from CA/TX/local), and she was definitely showered with love. It was fun to watch her with the most adorable little bump, as she held up tiny little outfits, and soaked it all in.
Momma-to-be // Most adorable printables

We also recently had the opportunity to spend a day together prepping for her little one's arrival, chatting, and making frozen meals. Real quick, we snapped a few maternity pictures, and I love how they turned out!!
That little girl, she's got NO choice but to be gorgeous.
 Congrats, friend!! Can't wait to meet that sweet little girl. xoxo

And the winner is..

Friday, February 12, 2016

Well I'll tell you who is NOT.. That's Pinterest. Sometimes, Pinterest DOESN'T win. 
Sometimes the weeks are long, yet fly by, and you haven't prepared an elaborate plan for the upcoming 'holiday' for your 3 and 1 year old. As I've said before, it's a good thing our kids aren't on social media.. They might wonder where their Valentine's Day mailboxes/baskets/parties are, or where the 6-layer ombre red/pink cake with fireworks shooting out of it is.. 
Pinterest doesn't always win.
But the Target Dollar Spot? Usually, 75% of the time, is chalking up a 'W' for this momma.
Cute cards, hand-written notes, a morning-of iPhone photo (printed at work), and taped inside (cute washi tape, of course!), did the trick for our loved ones this year.

Oh, and cake-mix cookies. That's right, I didn't even measure out the flour myself. I opened the box and poured it in the bowl and mixed with as few other ingredients as possible. But they're pink, have chocolate chips (and draw in a particular little boy like a moth to a flame)!!

No glitter-explosion, special deliveries (that I know of..?), or singing telegrams, not this year anyway. We WILL be basking in hugs, kisses, lots of LOVE, and I will definitely be taking a heart-shaped cookie cutter to whatever I can. And maybe a special surprise/treat or two, because honestly, any excuse to spoil our favorite two little ones..
Happy Valentine's Day weekend, friends!!

Thanks everyone who entered our giveaway and follow along.
The winner is Julie R, congrats!!

..And to dust you shall return

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season - as you can tell by the fast food commercials featuring 'seafood', the picked over fish stick freezer section, or even more obviously, the people you have to give a double-take that appear to have dirt and grime smeared all over their foreheads.. It's ashes, folks, I know it's there.
As Catholics, this is the season of preparation; being tested, and having hope to come out the other side a better version of ourselves.
Coincidentally, this time of year--historically and continually--tends to be a struggle for me. 
Coincidentally? Seasonally? Hormonal-ly?

I've decided to use this season to my advantage, to better myself and take these 40 days to focus on my faith, form healthy habits, and truly remember what is important.

The reminder that is shared while administering ashes, is one of my favorites..
Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.. 
This life is temporary and we are working toward an ultimate goal (of eternal life in heaven). I am all for living this life to the fullest, but the distractions of day-to-day life can easily take over and overshadow what needs to be priority. What an ideal time to re-focus!!

Above, I've shared (again) my most picture-perfect ashes, to date.. Tonight we'll be getting our ashes, as a family. I'm anxious to see our little ones sporting them and having the opportunity to talk about who/what/why.
 I have high hopes of an Ash Wednesday-family-selfie, check IG to see if it happens..
UPDATE: It happened, and it was perfect!!

Homegirl Steps: [With Freshly Picked]

Monday, February 8, 2016

Disclosure: These moccasins were given to me free of charge.
Opinions and wobbly steps are all my (and Homegirl's) own.

Did you hear/see/know/care? 
Homegirl finally started walking.
Right around Christmas/the week after, she took off. And by 'took off' I mean drunkard-ly stumbled around; but it wasn't long before she was taking corners, making turns, and lasting long(er) stretches.
Blurry and on-the-go..!!
When we hit the 1-year mark and she wasn't showing signs of maybe even starting to, having any real interest, or even walking assisted, along with some major tip-toe action, I had motherly-concerns. I brought it up to her doc. He mentioned she had very low muscle-tone, etc., etc., so let's keep an eye on it, etc., etc..
(I realize it's totally normal for kids NOT to walk until 16 months old, even later. However, that wasn't 'normal' for our experience, so I was a little caught off guard and wanted to make sure we were on-top of her development and offering her whatever help/assistance/etc. necessary, as any parent would want to do.)
Some days she would walk assisted, pull up to standing, and inch around the ottoman.. One night at a Christmas party, she stood herself up from the floor, all on her own, and took 2-3 steps. The Mr. and I looked at each other like, 'WHAT THE?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!' And then we'd try to hold her hands and walk with her and she'd just make jell-o legs and not even stand up.. 
Moccasins: Freshly Picked c/o

So when she finally started stringing together more steps and actually choosing to walk as a preferred method of transportation (between 14-15 months old), I was relieved and enjoyed watching her from yet another new perspective. Plus, she was quite pleased with herself and her new abilities!!
As she gets steadier and stronger, her Freshly Picked moccasins have been there every step of the way. Freshly Picked sent us a pair, just in time, as her thick, chunky feet had outgrown her previous pair.
Besides the wobbly steps, her super-excited face, and the enthusiastic squeals, watching her moccasins form to her feet and gain extra 'personality', unique to Homegirl, is the sweetest. We went with Weathered Brown this time around, and the rustic-softness is perfect. They go with anything, even smell delicious, and get compliments at every outing. These moccs were great for the baby/crawling phase and have proved to be ideal, again, as we wobble into toddler-hood. Did I mention adorable-as-can-be, each and every bit of the way..!!
I'm excited to partner with Freshly Picked and have the opportunity to give a pair away to one of YOU..!!

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Simple Sledding

Friday, February 5, 2016

We've had some real interesting weather this winter - everything from little flurries, rain, and 60 degree weather.. So when there was finally some substantial snow available (and on the weekend!!), we bundled up and headed out for some simple, front yard sledding!! 
During Homegirl's morning nap, T got some special attention as he and the Mr. built a little slope and frolicked in the snow.
It was a blast - sledding, snapping pics, and watching the pure joy T had doing the most basic winter activity. No elaborate hill, gear, or group of kids; just T and the Mr. being goofy. I loved the enthusiasm and giggles that filled the chilly air.
Of course, it wasn't long before there was bigger jumps and dad-tricks!!
It all made for a simple and fun Saturday morning.

A Selfish Start

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Remember last month? The New Year? January 2016? I know, it flew by. 
By now, there shouldn't be as many accidental 2015-typos, resolutions are still--kind of--on the mind, and our Colorado winter has finally arrived.

The New Year was good to us, low-key, and we started in a selfish way. 
Let me explain.

Due to some work/daycare schedules, we ended up leaving the kids with my family for almost a week between Christmas and the New Year. It happened to be the first time I left Homegirl, and I felt unprepared, I forgot their suitcase (YES, of their clothes), and I cried unreasonably about it all.

They were just fine, and we were, selfishly, just fine. We ate late dinners of frozen pizza in front of the TV, worked late and ran errands past bedtime, and used every restaurant coupon/gift card burning a hole in my wallet. It was revitalizing, freeing, yet incredibly lonely, and just what the Mr. and I needed.
It was time just for us and uninterrupted conversation. 
We missed our little hooligans fiercely and stepping in their still and quiet bedrooms would almost bring tears to my eyes, but the time apart was good for us all. Our parenting cups were filled up and I had more patience than I knew was available.

The kids seemed to age months once we picked them up - T was communicating and expressing verbally more than I remembered he ever had before, and Homegirl WALKED over to greet us. 

Only a few weeks later, we were off again, for a more planned 'getaway' - a work trip to Las Vegas. I had the cutest travel partner, the Mr. got to join!! 
It was a Vegas experience we hadn't had before, compared to our broke college visits in years past. As I mentioned on IG, it wasn't necessarily better, just different. Both fun as hell, but let's just say there was A LOT more wine and dinin' this trip.
We made it back home, together, and back into the hectic-ness of life trying to keep up and catch up. Our selfish start was great for us all, parents and kids alike. 

The saying 'distance makes the heart grow fonder', comes to mind as maybe we all need to take some time to be a little selfish; for in the end it brings out a most generous heart, and when it comes to parenting, the love is unconditional but sometimes the energy, patience, and outlook can take a little re-charging.