The Flash of Summer

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh man, we're more than HALF WAY THROUGH in the last week of September..

I know, this might be awkward - we haven't talked in a month or two..
Trust me - it's not you, it's me..
Ha!! Wow, where have I been..?! Summer flew by and oh was it a fun one!! I feel like we kind of kicked it off with our trip to Germany in early May, and it was go, go, go, hold-on-tight ever since.
We had lots of family time -
with my SIL and her boys here in Colorado (from Germany) for the summer,
visits to my family in the country (including our NEW nephew who made his appearance in April and was baptized in June),
and always too quick visits from my (newly-engaged) younger sister from Texas.
There was fun with friends.
Throw in some birthdays, holidays, trip to Florida, soccer camp, movie nights, sleepovers, s'mores, date nights, friends weekend in the mountains, and a first day of preK.
Oh and work work work work work.

It's been eventful - so much to document.
Hope your summer was as entertaining and schedule-filled as ours..!!