Nordstrom Anniversary Sale [While Pregnant/Nursing]

Friday, July 14, 2017

I was excited to check out the sale this year, however, I didn't plan on getting too much since maternity & nursing-friendly clothes are all I can see in the near future.. 

From the get-go, I searched brands I knew I liked and styles that would fit what I was looking for - oversized tunics, cardigans, booties, tops/dresses with buttons (regular clothes that could work both while pregnant/nursing and after-the-fact). Here are a few things I snagged and a few I just loved from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I had my eye on these booties from the preview catalog. I think the cut will be flattering. Not 100% sure of the perforation (or this color, but I went for it), so we'll see how they look on/in person.
Main Image - 1.STATE Iddah Perforated Cutaway Bootie (Women)

Main Image - Free People Oversized Plaid Tunic

I grabbed another pair of the highly-hyped leggings and this commonly proclaimed best ever bra.

Thanks to too many error pages I had plenty of time to question myself on purchases.. :| Here are a few more things I've moved back and forth from cart to wish list too many times..

Main Image - Free People Split Back Turtleneck

Main Image - Leith Easy Circle Cardigan

Main Image - Hinge Button Front Dress

Main Image - Caslon® Lace Back Swing Tee

What did you get? Happy shopping!!

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Party of Five: [Details]

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

(I'm sure by now you've seen our big news via blog / facebook / IG.) 
Thank you all so much for the sweet support.
Seriously, I/we really appreciate it.
Here are a few more from our (self-timer) announcement pics and some basic details..
I'm 20 weeks along.
Due date is November 20th.
I've been feeling movement now for a few weeks, but the Mr. felt the baby move for the first time last week..!!

We get to see baby and hopefully find out the gender this week. The kids have been so sweet, each predicting their perspective gender. I'm anxiously awaiting a meltdown from the 'wrong' one once we find out (since they've been so adamant in their opinions).
I've had symptoms similar to each of the other pregnancies, so no consistent gender prediction from me (it differs week to week).
Tys & Harps also did a great job keeping our 'secret', only once did Homegirl, out of NO WHERE, blurt out to our neighbors 'mommy has a baby..'.
Overall, I've felt just fine, absolutely nothing to complain about, just very tired. I am already having some sciatic pain which isn't necessarily pleasant, but again, could be worse. 

This pregnancy has been anxiety-filled for me, as we now know, even more-so, nothing is guaranteed. I'm doing my best to let go and enjoy the experience, it's just new territory--pregnancy after loss. I've been so thankful and beyond blessed with such a supportive husband, family, and close friends who've been there for us along the way.
We are so thankful for this blessing and ask for your prayers for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy, baby, momma, and family as we grow into a party of five!! 
We also continue to pray for those waiting for their blessing. 

Party of Five

Monday, June 26, 2017

Our rainbow baby, coming November 2017